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- M A K O T O -


State of Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapist

State of Hawaii Licensed Cosmetologist

2B BIO PEEL Licensed Practitioner

State of Hawaii Licensed Permanent makeup artist


(有)鈴幸 代表取締役




2B Bio Peel 認定エステティシャン



A L O H A !








また、年齢によるお肌のシワやたるみ、くすみでお悩みの方、ニキビやアトピーでお悩みの方のための世界最新の”メスを使わない美容整形とまで言われております”バイオプランタトリートメント”(100%ナチュラル皮膚再生法)もご用意させていただいております。完全予約制となっておりますので、全コース男性も女性もご予約いただけます。 是非、本場の極上の癒しを体験なさってみて下さい。



Hello everyone , welcome to my home page!

I am a Certified Massage Therapist and Cosmetologist , Licensed in Hawaii . Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in becoming a client. For body massage, I perform an original blended massage technique which combines both Swedish and Lomi Lomi massage principals. I also perform a fabulous facial massage that is extremely relaxing and leaves you feeling totally stress free. I have developed my facial massage techniques through 10 years of massage experience and refinement so it will definitely be the peaceful escape you've been looking for.

Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

 Please make sure check my schedule in Japan before you contact me to schedule an appointment. I will provide you my available times  .